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Reasons why cavity wall insulation should be removed

  • Flood / Water damaged insulation
  • Poorly installed cavity installation
  • Incorrect insulation material
  • Fire damaged insulation
  • Timber / Steel frame building
  • Rubble

Problems that can occur if defective cavity wall insulation is not removed

  • Condensation on interior walls
  • Damp problems
  • Damage to pointing
  • Wall tie corrosion
  • High Humidity / Fungus growth
  • Subsidence and perished Brickwork walls



A member of our specially trained team will initially call you to undertake a remote survey and then assess whether there is a need for a surveyor to attend in person in many cases surveys can be thoroughly undertaken remotely without issue.



The removal of all failed cavity or Spray Foam and or Loft insulation will commence in a controlled and safe manner in order to project both your properties integrity and uValues ( Thermal insulation properties ) any brickwork, pointing or remedial works required to timbers or roof coverings and insulation reinstatement works will be completed entirely to your satisfaction and to the highest industry standards and requirements.



Once all works have been completed then all issues will be resolved all potential damp and
insulation measures will now be fully effective and your property will be a more happier healthier and thermally efficient place to live.



Once all works have been completed and signed off as completed Iuex will issue a certificate of evidence known as a Mortgage approval certificate which is presented to Lenders in order to satisfy their requirements prior to releasing funds.

Spray Foam & Loft Insulation Removal

iuex.co.uk provides the most cost-effective solutions for loft insulation removal.

Why is Spray Foam & old loft insulation removal necessary?

  • Your property Has Zero Value for Mortgage & Equity Release purposes
  • In correct application Such as sprayed onto the roof to cover leaks
  • Sprayed onto damp or damaged timbers
  • Trap moisture between the foam and roof causing Rot to Timbers
  • Creates High Humidity and Condensation
  • Potential Fire Hazardous
  • Hazardous Material such as Asbestos or Vermiculite
  • Vermin infestation
  • Roof leaks or bust water pipes that have saturated the insulation
  • To install a modern insulation product
  • You may want to turn your dusty loft space into habitable space

Cavity Insulation Removal

iuex.co.uk will provide a simple no hassle service from the initial quote right through to the extraction completion. We believe in keeping things simple. Extract and clean.

Why Should you have your cavity insulation removed.

  • If Steel Or timber Framed Your House is Un-Mortgageable
  • Causes damp
  • High humidity ( Hidden causes of health problems)
  • Heat retention
  • Protect your properties structural integrity
  • Protect your wall ties and mortar
  • Ensure your property is mortgageable
  • Create a safe and comfortable space to live

Loft & Cavity Insulation Failure and What could happen ?

  • Roof Collapse
  • Property Un Mortgageable
  • If You have an adjoining property potential legal claim for negligence.
  • Penetrating Damp both internally and (externally generally on rendered properties)
  • Musty smell that does not go away
  • High Humidity- Can become a breeding ground for Bacteria and creates ill health
  • Poor Pointing or rendering to brick or stonework.
  • Corrosion of Wall Ties- Cause walls to buckle and potentially collapse.
  • Badly Installed- Wrong material or too much or too little of insulation
  • Property will not get warm and stay warm
  • Spray Foam Insulation- Should never be applied unless in extreme circumstances
  • Mortar and rubble in the bottom of the cavity left over from the initial building process

Our extraction process

  • For domestic properties all removal of Spray foam is done manually
  • For commercial and agricultural properties, we may employ vapour blasting
  • Pre-Site Inspection initially done via telephone remotely and if required a simple site visit
  • 8mm in diameter Holes drilled in the mortar not the brick in formation on walls where mextraction is to take place
  • Bricks or Air vents removed above damp course level to allow material to be extracted
  • Industrial vacuum used to suck insulation out of bottom of cavity
  • Bricks and new air vents replaced and if required repositioned.
  • Cameras are inserted into the cavity to photograph and evidence the cavity is free and clear
  • Property is cleaned down
  • All waste is removed from site.


How much does it Cost ?

As you can probably appreciate there are no two properties the same for example size, construction material and type of insulation that requires removal. and therefore, we need to undertake an initial remote survey using satellite and measuring software in order to gauge area, Volume and waste disposal costs with time scales in order to work out costings for each individual property. However, as a ballpark figure you can expect to pay in the region of £950 for a standard size single wall for cavity extraction naturally size of the wall and type of insulation will reflect either a decrease or increase in cost.

Along with a Ball Park figure for a full cavity extraction on a standard Red brick semidetached property you can expect to pay £1800 plus however there are variables that can reduce or increase. I have added these ballpark figures to assist as it’s the first thing on our minds when dealing with a problem we didn’t know we had.

For loft insulation and Spray foam insulation the variables are to great to give Ball park figure unfortunately, However firm quotes can be given within minutes once we have the full property address.

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