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Why repoint your brickwork ?

There are a couple or reason on why repointing is a must. Many of us may think repointing is just for appearance and aesthetics of the property as a building dose look new and tidy once its been repointed. However the facts and reason for repointing far out way the visual effects as the mortar is a major part of the structures integrity and waterproofing and insulation system. Gaps in the mortar caused over time by weathering and decay not only look bad but generally let in water, which through constant freezing/thawing and subsequent salt deposits cause long-term damage.

The water gets into the cavity itself and starts to cause damp problems as it has nowhere to escape, especially if you have poorly insulated or incorrectly insulated cavity walls.

Its recommended that if feasible and viable to always keep on top of your pointing as this can prevent further potential problems with your cavity and damp.

The benefits of repointing brickwork

Brick pointing is the most effective way of restoring the condition and physical appearance of a building structure, and it forms an essential part in overall and ongoing building maintenance. Among other advantages of brick pointing, it will:

-Repair the structural integrity of your building’s brickwork.

-Ensure weatherproofing in your walls.

-Restore the overall appearance and brickwork of your home.

-Maintain or significantly increase the overall value of your home or property.

-Reduce any ongoing maintenance on your brickwork.

Repointing will also aid with:

Conservation – maintaining the original character of older (listed) buidlings.

Visual appeal – keeping more modern buidlings looking good and holding their aesthetic value.

–Pollution damage – city properties suffer from the effects of pollution from all forms of transport as well as everyday use of fossil fuels.

–Property value – “Kerb Appeal” first impressions count! If your property doesn’t look up to scratch, it is immediately devalued.

How deep should the joints be raked out ?

Some builders only scratch back the old mortar to provide a ‘key’ for the new mortar. This shortcut is WRONG and will result in the new mortar ‘blowing’ and eroding due to weathering in a very short time!

We rake out the old mortar to a depth of 15-20mm as standard practice (unless instructed otherwise for whatever reason).

How do we repoint your brickwork ?

When raking out old mortar we use 5″ angle grinders with 6mm mortar raking diamond blades and dust extraction units, giving clean cuts to the top and bottom joints ready for the new mortar.

In some cases power tools are not an option, so we use hand tools such as comb hammers.

Before applying new mortar, the brickwork is cleaned using a spray applicator to wash away any existing dust and provide maximum grip to the brickwork.

The tools and materials we use:

-Dust extractor kit/grinder

-Jet washer

-Striker/Repointing hawk

Repointing and brickwork repair

All of our work is guaranteed, and is carried out by qualified professionals. We also extract and remove insulation that’s damp and causing problems, and replace/install loft insulation.

-The best qualified teams in the UK

-A guideline price over the telephone where possible

-Free help and advice in diagnosing cavity wall problems

-Detailed surveying capability (which may include thermal imaging and moisture monitoring where required)

-Certificate provided on completion of work