Why remove Spray Foam insulation ?

Sadly, if you are reading this item then it is highly likely that you have hit a stumbling block during the sale of a property of the purchase or a property or having issues releasing equity from your property. You may just be fact finding and be looking to find the facts as part of good housekeeping for your property. Or your properties roof may have sustained some damage and wish to avoid the unnecessary cost of a new roof.

Whatever your reason for your enquiry we at IUEX.co.uk totally understand the stress that you may be under during this time, and we are here to fully support you and take the strain and stress away from you and will simplify the process and take care off all your requirements in order to progress with your project for a smooth sale or equity release.

Over the last 3 years since Mortgage Lenders put a blanket ban on lending on properties with Spray foam insulation within the loft void space of a property, we have helped over 650 clients sell or release equity from there property with a 100% Approval rate.

The Procedure

It is a very simple and straight forward undertaking to remove Spray foam when done correctly and by our fully trained and experienced operatives. For domestic properties with tiled or slated roofs we employ a manual remove to expose all the timbers and joists. The objective of this is to find or eliminate the presence of damp or rotten timbers.

We take photographs before during and after the removal of the foam to evidence works and take moisture readings from all the exposed timbers. If we find any damaged or rotten timbers our team will repair or replace as required using the required techniques at the time in order to make good and safe. If any moisture reading within the timbers are recorded at above 7% moisture content, then we may install dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content or apply nontoxic solutions to assist in the drying out of the timbers in order for them to become fit for purpose.

Once all the foam has been removed then it is bagged and sealed within the loft space and removed from site and disposed of lawfully.

Upon completion of works and once we are satisfied that the roof timbers are of good sound condition, we then sign the area off and provide a Safe Area permit or Mortgage approval Certificate which is evidenced with photographs and moisture readings. This certificate is then presented to the lender in order to release funds. If the Lender requires a second independent inspection, then we arrange this free of charge as part of our service.

As stated earlier we have a 100% Approval record, and we achieve this by offering a 48 Hour return to site policy should in the off chance an independent survey flags something up that requires rectifying.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a new roof

The short answer is no you will not need a new roof you may be told this by a roofer however the object of the exercise is to expose timbers and not the tiles or slates, As Wood absorbs moisture and trapped water and causes the timber to rot. Whereas tiles and slates are non-porous and do not absorb water and moisture

Why will my mortgage company not lend money against my property

There are many different reasons as to why lenders have placed a blanket ban on lending against properties with spray foam insulation, the main ones being that it traps moisture between the foam and the timbers which cause rot, The fire-retardant properties of the foam can not be guaranteed. There are many causes sadly of the insulation being miss sold and applied incorrectly to damaged or rotten roofs to hide and conceal a roof in poor state.

What happens if the felt is damaged

In some instances felt has perished in some areas and has to be removed as part of the process in this instance we re seal internally using a waterproof membrane where possible.

What happens if a tile or slate falls off

Prior to works being undertaken we undertake a full risk assessment of the roof both internal and external to assess the roof covering to eliminate the potential for ties slipping or falling. However, in the rare event all our operatives are skilled and trained to repair and replace any roof covering should this be required as part of the service.

What happens if there is no felt under the foam

There is no issue if your property has no underfelt as this will not affect the properties value as the object of the exercise is to expose the timbers.

Do I need to replace the insulation

For sale or equity release purposes then there is no requirement to replace. If it’s part of good house keeping or the foam is causing problems with the air flow and humidity within the property then we may recommend using an alternative approved material.

What happens if someone goes through my ceiling

Upon arrival prior to our operatives going up in to the loft space a walk around the ceiling from underneath will take place and photographs will be taken to evidence the ceilings current state. All major defects that are caused as a result of an accident by one of or team members then that will naturally be put right and made good as all our operatives are trained and experienced to deal with all repairs and remediations required to make good.

When will I get my certificate

Within 24 hours of completion of works

How long will it take

An Average 3 Bed Semi will take approx 3 days to complete

What happens if you find damaged or rotten timbers

We evidence timbers with photographs and then repair accordingly.

Do you need to visit my property first

No we gain all measurements offline using satellite and measuring software and we are able to give fixed and confirmed quotes prior to attending. As until the foam has been removed there is nothing to see or assess. There is no eventuality that our team are not prepared for nor have come across in prior works.

Do you take waste away with you

Yes all waste is taken away and disposed of lawfully at fully licensed and regulated waste transfer stations.

Will my house be colder

Each individual property is unique however surprisingly the general consensus is that the property is no different once basic mineral wool floor insulation has been put down once the air flow within the property begins to circulate then humidity lowers and gives a fresher feel to the property

Do you cover my area

Yes we cover the whole of the UK.

I understand that you may have your own questions not listed above so please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.